Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My (Least) Favorite Things

From the Speakers: INTO THE MOUTH OF HELL WE MARCH by Trivium

To satiate your undeniable curiosity, here are some lists of things that I love and hate, writing and otherwise:

Things I Love:
1) Stories about people who were once great at something, and now must be again after much time away.
2) Reading, drinking a beer, and watching a baseball game on TV all at the same time.
3) Listening to music really loud while driving with the window down on a hot, sunny, summer day.
4) Having the vaguest idea for a story, sitting down, and pounding out the whole thing in one heated, 3000-word, inspired, creative play session.
5) Fairy Tales (usually that I knew as a kid) that are really based on dark stories.

Things I Hate:
1) Writing and editing a story with a magazine in mind, only to find that the story turned out to be longer than that magazine's word count limit.
2) Walking past a switch and flicking it on, but missing and having to stop you're walk mid-stride to reach back and get it.
3) Having a detailed idea for a story, and no energy to put it down on paper.
4) Reading a book with a great plot and story and characters, but terrible writing, so that you can't take the idea and do it right.
5) Coming up with a good idea for a story, running to tell your friend/brother/parent, and having them say, "Oh, yeah, that sounds a lot like (Insert story you've never heard of here)."

How about you?

PS--My newest publication can be read here: Ten Stories Up, Ten Years Later

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