Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Keep Writing

Now Playing: KING OF THE GOLDEN HALL by Howard Shore
Just Read: FULL DARK, NO STARS by Stephen King--Finally got around to these four stories. Very raw, rough to get through at points. But that's the idea. And noticing it opened my eyes to some of King's characterization techniques I had forgotten (it's been a while).
Reading Now: THE BAZAAR OF BAD DREAMS by Stephen King

Lots going on, lots going on.

The word is "dynamic." I suppose all times are dynamic at certain levels, but it seems that now is particularly so. The climate's changing, Donald Trump keeps winning states, I'm getting married and preparing to start a two-year grinding graduate school program. All this while trying (sometimes succeeding, but far from always) to maintain a satisfactory writing output.

Write1Sub1 is no more, but I've tried to keep up the ethic I built during my years as a member while looking ahead. My revolving goal is to submit to the Writers of the Future Contest until I either win or place out. Considering the upcoming graduate school time requirements, I might not be able to craft worthy stories after August. I'll try to focus my efforts on shorter (though not necessarily easier) stories.

So I've got a few longer WotF works in progress I'm trying to complete this spring for submission in upcoming quarters. Ideally I will be able to finish them and edit my novel "Star Born" before getting married on July 2nd. The time-crunch struggle is real.

Some people work well with deadlines. I'm hoping I'm one of those people.

My sleep schedule lately hasn't helped. I have so much going on, it seems, that my schedule is constantly revolving from night shift (work) to day shift (other requirements). Usually it's a pretty smooth transition. Not rushed. But these past two weeks, as I've been attempting to finish this piece titled "Scouting Trip," have been exhausting.

Writing is hard. I know that, always have. These few weeks have just reminded me. There's only way to tackle it. Keep writing. Keep writing. Keep writing.

Keep writing.