Saturday, November 17, 2012

Short Story Challenge

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Just Read: THE LOST WORLD by Arthur Conan Doyle--Great fun! I think I liked this tale of lost lands even more than JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, and Doyle's a fantastic writer all around.
Now Reading: THE WISEMAN'S FEAR  by Patrick Fothfuss

I have a confession to make, dear friends. I'm behind on my write1sub1 challenge. 

The deal is, you (meaning me) are supposed to write one story per week for one year. It's week 46, and I looked back through my log and can only account for 41 stories. 

Something must be done about this! I dedicated myself to this challenge, and I will be damned if I hit week 52 with anything less than 52 completed drafts of stories! 

So here's what I thought of. I read a lot of short stories--I subscribe to F&SF magazine, I have a copy of the complete Sherlock Holmes, and I follow lots of writers and magazines online. Short story collections take up a lot of space on my bookshelf. So my own little challenge to myself until the end of 2012 is to jot down an idea for a new short story of my own for every short story I read. 

I already have five ideas, enough to get me caught up. And I won't stop reading because I can't come up with anything good--I expect to end up with a handful of stupid ideas I'll never pursue, but a few are guaranteed to be winners, right?

It's a sprint to the finish like for write1sub1 2012!