Friday, November 10, 2017

Next Year's November

Now Playing: ROGUE ONE by Michael Giacchino
Just Read: SPIN by Robert Charles Wilson--Great book! Very cool pure science fiction story that really delves into societal sci-fi without getting too in the weeds. Kept the focus on the main characters. Love to write one like this some day!
Reading Now: AXIS by Robert Charles Wilson

This November, I'm gonna be swamped.

I'm juggling three or four school projects and a few extra papers and articles to write, conference calls, interviews for future anesthesia students, exams, and full-time clinical work. And building a house at the same time! Sadly little time for writing.

And I've got a decent story idea in mind. I think. I mean, you never know--this quarter I submitted a story that I thought was pretty good to the Writers of the Future contest after receiving my fifth honorable mention last quarter. But it was returned rejected this week. Oh well. In hindsight I can find a few problems with it, but it's so long (14,000 words) that re-working it seems daunting. I might end up taking a story from August and seeing how it will do this quarter, then working on this other story more slowly and submitting it after the first of the year.

Because November is gonna kick my butt. Next November, though--that's the dream. Done with school, working full-time and earning a paycheck again, and I'll have my own writing room to participate in NaNoWriMo again. If everything goes the way I want (HA!), I'll spend some time after graduation re-writing the novel I worked on for NaNoWriMo 2013, and then work on its sequel in November of 2018. That would just be awesome.

I get so jazzed for writing in November. Everyone is writing and tweeting about it, and the online writing community is so alive. There's just something in the air, too. Something magical about the season changing that makes me want to craft stories. This year, most of those ambitions will be on hold. But next year . . . .