Tuesday, December 18, 2018

December Lethargy

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Just Read: GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn--A ridiculous story, but I enjoyed it. The writing in particular was great. She does a phenomenal job of making me dislike everyone in the whole book.
Reading Now: SERAFINA AND THE BLACK CLOAK by Robert Beatty

You're reading the blog of a 2018 NaNoWriMo Winnerrrrrrr!!!

That's right, I was able to pound out 50,000 words in the month of November. Got my certificate and everything. Took me right up until the last day, and I had to manage over 5000 words on the 30th, but I did it, and it was worth the work.

So why did it take me over two weeks to post about it? Because I was exhausted, that's why.

50K in a month is a lot, but honestly it's not unfathomable. It's less than 2K per day average, which is what (I hear) the pros do when they write full-time. I don't write full-time, of course--I write on my days off and sometimes squeeze in a few words on the other days. So NaNo was a lot, but as I get better and better, and closer to being a professional, such output should hopefully come easier.

And, I'm recovered now. I needed to take a step back and reassess where my story was going. I also needed to do some reading, which got neglected in favor of writing. But I'm back and have managed about 3000 words so far this month, edited one story for the Writers of the Future Contest, and started brainstorming for January's story. I'm also trying to decide what my 2019 writing goals should be. More submissions, definitely.

As usual, the time for basking in the glory of a victory is short. Time to get back to work.