Friday, March 21, 2014

Story Acceptance to Perihelion SF!

Just Read: A DANCE WITH DRAGONS by George R.R. Martin--So, so good. Sometimes exhilarating, sometimes devastating, it's everything I want an epic fantasy to be. A real role model for a writer like me.
Reading Now: THE GOOD NURSE by Charles Graeber

My story "Dancing in the Black Blizzard" was accepted at Perihelion SF!

This is an old story of mine with countless rejections and rewrites in its history. It remains the only story ever to receive a personalized rejection from Fantasy and Science Fiction, and holds a special place for me as one of my all time favorites.

Couldn't be happier to receive that email today. I'm really looking forward to seeing my story in print! I haven't had a publication in about a year, so I'm hoping this will jump-start my creativity and drive a bit. I have lots of stories that need to make the rounds.

In other good news, I received an email from the Writers of the Future contest saying my story was on hold...not sure what the means, exactly, but it wasn't a rejection letter!