Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winner Winner NaNo Dinner

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Sorry, got a little excited there. It's just that I've never written anything that fast, and when I started I had no idea if I could do it or not. National Novel Writing Month struck me as a really cool idea, but I was far from confident in my ability to actually achieve it.

It's been an AWESOME month to write--I've sat down every chance I've had and hammered out this story at top speed. I feel like I know what it means to be a professional novelist now; the people who churn out the books I love to read must write like this, and somehow, even though writing is a lonely gig by nature, you feel a kind of connection with those idols of yours, and with those others out there trying to reach the same goals.

The funny thing is, knowing what it takes doesn't really make it all that much easier. It just makes it easier to self-assess, to say, "Yeah, I'm way off track, for sure." Writing the story is still a grind, one word at a time.

The novel, called "Star Born," isn't done, and it won't be for a while. I'm going to do my best to continue to write with the same dedication and fervor, but I've come up with a few things along the way, and noticed some holes that will take to time to review and patch. But that's part of the process, and I'm ready to meet the challenge head on. I think it's a great story, and I'm looking forward to seeing a finished product.

My first NaNoWriMo experience is done, and it's a win. I feel energized. I feel accomplished. I'm looking forward to reaching more goals.