Monday, September 12, 2011

New Jobs, Old Jobs

From the Speakers: ACHILLES LAST STAND by Led Zeppelin

Started a new job today. I'm a nurse at Duke Hospital during the day, writer by night now. Unless I work night shift. Then I'm a sleeper by day, nurse by night.

It's pretty cool starting a new career. I've been in healthcare now for a little over a year, but now it's the big time. Helping patients is almost always incredibly rewarding--if you have the calling for it--but there are other perks, too. What better way to come up with new characters than to work in a place where new people are constantly moving in and out and getting to know you in between? I'm sure the stories I'll hear from them can fill volumes.

I'm stoked about my new job, but what's REALLY cool is how awesome of a profession nursing is when you're a writer. There's all kinds of material, yeah, but the actual business of being a writer suits itself nicely. I'm thinking working three twelve hour shifts per week and writing the other four is going to work out nicely. I hate to admit this sometimes, but writing (mine, at least) seems to be easier when you're in a routine: wake up, eat, relax, exercise, shower, sit down and get to work at your desk that's nestled in the corner beneath your rejection letters and your writing words of wisdom. Somehow it primes the creative juices.

In other news, today marks three weeks since the publication of my latest short story, "Good Business, With Guns." If you haven't checked it out yet, here's the link: Tell me what you think!

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