Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Surfing the Airwaves

From the Speakers: KASHMIR by Led Zeppelin

Yesterday was a hectic day. I woke up, had a bowl of yogurt, watched Sportscenter and read (easy to do during sports), worked out, and showered. All the time I was thinking about the writing I was going to do that day, especially while exercising and showering--good times for your mind to wander. And I had this idea for a scene that comes later in a longer piece I'm working on, but it was so fresh and so "hot off the presses" that I didn't think I should wait--I sat down at my desk and wrote it practically before drying off.

Who said you had to write a story in order?

This frenzy--this need to get a scene down because you've glimpsed its perfection and are afraid you might forget it or let a great detail slip or confuse the wording later--it's happened to me a few times writing this longer piece. So now I've got all these stepping stone scenes set up, and every day when I sit down to write, I'm just filling in the space between them. Personally I love this because it keeps my momentum; I always know where I'm going when I put fingers to keyboard.

Again, staying ahead of writer's block.

Switching gears from stories in progress to stories published, it seems "Good Business, With Guns" is getting pretty good reviews over at, and better than good exposure. Another fiction hub picked it up: Websites like this are great for writers and readers because they put up all kinds of good fiction in one place, and since they say what magazines each story is published in, it's a great way to discover new places to submit manuscripts.

In addition, and totally unbelievably, a community-supported radio station called WRFR out of Maine contacted me about my story . . . AND THEY WANT TO READ IT ON THE RADIO! I don't know about you but I think that is amazing. The show is called Beam Me Up, and whenever the story airs, fear not--I will inform you here and tell you where to go to listen. As I understand it, if you miss it live you can hear it on a podcast online:

Lots of new developments in my writing world--I'm promoting published work, mailing queries for novels, and writing new stuff all in one day! Phew!

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