Saturday, August 27, 2011

Storm Surge

From the Speakers: MY FORK IN THE ROAD, YOUR KNIFE IN MY BACK by Atreyu

I really do love a good hurricane.

When Fran and Floyd passed over my house as a kid, school was canceled for a week and trees fell down all over the neighborhood. We had no power and a bath tub full of water so we could flush the toilet. Everyone pitched in with chainsaws, shears, and axes to clear the roads and take apart giant pines that had fallen on people's houses. We couldn't take a bath for days.

It was awesome. 

Hurricane Irene passing through today brought back these good times. I had candles and batteries and flashlights and radios and bottled water--I was prepared for days of power outages. The fact that a slight drizzle and a brisk breeze were the worst I got was almost disappointing. Yeah I know, careful what I wish for.

And, there's nothing like a hurricane to work indoors. I sat on the couch, turned on the storm news on mute, and wrote in a surge of inspiration. Making headway on a short story I've wanted to write for a while was the perfect way to spend a hurricane.

On another note, "Storm Surge" sounds like a good title for a story.


  1. Yeah, I expected the hurricane to be all hype, and it was. All we got in my part of N.H. was mild rain and kind of strong wind. However, a hurricane was one of the many missing elements in the novel I'm working on, so I was glad for the idea, and I absolutely loved brainstorming in my lit room with the gray world surging outside--so I guess, I, too, love a good hurricane, or a rather shitty one. :P

    I found your blog through RGR, by the way. I read "Good Business, With Guns" and enjoyed it a lot.

  2. Great to hear from you, Lauren! I'm glad Hurricane Irene provided some inspiration to a fellow writer as well. And thanks for the story compliment, I'm happy you liked it. :)