Monday, August 29, 2011

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From the Speakers: CONSTELLATIONS by Jack Johnson

I tried to Google my blog today and found some interesting stuff. The link to this page didn't come up, but some other things about me and my writing did.

First, the guys from Ray Gun Revival apparently know how to divvy up their time, because in addition to running a full-time science fiction magazine and slogging through all the submissions for it, they also contribute to a blog called AuthorCulture, which had a link to my story under "Blogs we like". I thought that was pretty cool. Also, there's a site called SF Signal that frequently posts links to some of their favorite free fiction on the web, and "Good Business, With Guns" got a link!

I was really excited when RGR published my story, but I never expected it to get this much exposure. When they were considering it, RGR sent it back to me a few times for requested revisions, and in hindsight I'm really glad I worked hard on it to meet their suggestions--I don't want anything but my best writing to be spread out there on the internet for people to read. I want people to find stories with "by Devin Miller" beneath the title and know it's about to be an entertaining read. So the more exposure the better!

Plus, there's an added amazing bonus exposure coming, which you may know about if you read the comments beneath the story on RGR's page, but I'll save that post for tomorrow.

Spread the word about my blog! I'm a week in now--how am I doing? Remember, constructive criticism is a writer's best friend, even if it hurts.

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