Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy Birthday!

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My birthday was this week! Happy Birthday to me! I'm twenty-six!

I had a great birthday, and two pieces of good news on the writing front made it even better. I had a story accepted at Every Day Fiction! It's called "Ink Night" and it's about a guy who decides to try a new kind of drug. Needless to say, his night doesn't go quite as planned.

Additionally, my story "The Lion's Den" was published in BEYOND: SPACE OPERA, a collection of swashbuckling tales edited by Milo James Fowler. I'm very excited to appear in the Table of Contents with some great writers whose work I've read over the years and with whom I've communicated through Write1Sub1.

Check out the site and read the stories--they're all great! Here's the link:

So yeah, it's been a pretty awesome week. I also started on a new story, my second for August, which is nice because July was such a sluggish month for my writing. I'm getting back in the groove of sitting down and pounding out a lot of words; this piece promises to be about 6000-7000 words, and I intend to submit it to the Writers of the Future Contest in September. I've been reading more stories from their anthologies and think this one will fit in nicely.

Let's hope the rest of the month goes just as well!

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