Thursday, September 26, 2013

Writer Moment

Now Playing: SEASONS by James Elsewhere
Just Read: THE MAGICIAN KING by Lev Grossman--Totally cool, like the first book. Magic for a rated R crowd, but with all the flair of childhood fantasy. Just wish things had been happier, haha.
Reading Now: FALL OF GIANTS by Ken Follett

Coast-swapping completed, I'm moved in to a place called Sunnyvale, CA. (Could I ask for a more picturesque name?) My humble new abode is, well, humble--I didn't have cable or internet, no way to kill time or create background noise. So what did I do?

Before I left North Carolina, I went to the library and checked out a couple--okay, six--audiobooks to listen to on the drive over. I got through three of them. So when I found myself all moved in with nothing to do, I hooked my speakers up to my computer and put the next one in. Over the course of the next few days, I knocked out a whole novel.

Total writer moment, right? I mean who else would think or want to play audiobooks in their living room while they cleaned/cooked/did the laundry/showered/ate lunch? But I've found that it makes the time pass quickly, and the advantage it has over television is that you don't have to keep your eyes on it.

Of course, now that I have internet (I'm blogging from my kitchen table, woohoo!), I'm sure I'll be watching a lot more Netflix. But to be honest I'll probably continue the audiobook thing, at least for a while. I'm also a member of the Sunnyvale library now, and they have all kinds of new titles! I wonder how many I can get through?

And don't worry--I'll return those books to the library in NC . . . somehow.


  1. Welcome to the Left Coast, Devin! Sunnyvale...wait a minute. Is that where Buffy was from?

  2. Thanks! And, hm . . . I think she lived in SunnyDALE, but maybe it was based on this place? If I'm lucky I might move south to San Diego in the winter. 8-)