Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Coast Swapping

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Just Read: A CASUAL VACANCY by J.K. Rowling--Well, about as far from Harry Potter as is possible to be. Not saying I didn't like it--the writing was great and it was so deliciously gossipy . . . but you know.
Reading Now: THE MAGICIAN KING  by Lev Grossman

Today marks a milestone. I'm starting a trip out west, to move to Palo Alto, California for the next three months for work. It's my first travel assignment. My Camaro is packed to the brim, and she's hungry to eat up some road.

Tonight I'll be in Memphis, Tennessee, then a new city each day after that until finally arriving in Palo Alto on Monday. I'm nervous, but mostly excited. It's hard leaving my family and my girlfriend (although she's driving out there with me, and it's gonna be a hell of a road trip/vacation!) and my amazing job and coworkers. But a snake can't grow any bigger without shedding its skin, right?

My goals for the next three months are many and varied--first, succeed at this new job, be flexible, be intelligent, learn something, make some friends. Second, spend my spare time making myself better, by writing voraciously, and exercising, and exploring. Third, learn about and see as much of America as I can, hopefully with the company of some unparalleled friends and family.

There was an interesting article in the most recent AACN magazine, by the president. It was about having a combination of courage and action in your life if you want to be successful; she says, "You can't be passive about success in your life." That, I think, is so true, and it's a philosophy I've subscribed to since I was a kid.

Sometimes, you've got to close your eyes and jump into the pool, no matter how cold it is--usually, after a minute or so, it really isn't so bad.

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