Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday Sprints

From the Speakers: BLOOD ON THE GROUND by Incubus

One of the busier weeks in 2012 was this past week, and I found myself with five hours left in my day to complete a story if I wanted to keep up with the challenge. I had a handful of ideas floating around, but none that I felt like hastily putting down on the page, so I started writing some dialogue and ended up with a 1500 word story about two guys in the ruin of a castle searching for buried treasure.

Where the heck did that come from?

It's encouraging to know there are story seeds planted deep down in my brain that only need the light of a deadline and the water of no time to grow into something respectable.

Thank you, Write1Sub1, for expanding my garden.

Fortunately, this week is considerably less action-packed, meaning I can grab one of those already-formed ideas and pull it out of the ether to mold into a hefty short story. But anyway, less time talking, more time working. Hope my fellow Write1Sub1ers out there are typing away furiously! Can't wait to read our successful projects!

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