Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Make-Up Week

From the Speakers: CATATONIC by Hans Zimmer

Confession to make: Last week, I ran out of time to finish that week's story.

I am ashamed.

Just ran out of time with working nights during the week, and over the weekend I was on a trip to Baltimore--which helped my writing career a bit but didn't leave much time for actually penning new stuff. So, first Write1Sub1 fail of 2012.

But, all is not lost. I have a plan to make up for it. I've already written a story this week, and it's only Tuesday. I've got time tomorrow and Friday, I can pump out another one this week, and maybe my log will be . . . a bit garbled, let's say. It'll still be 52 stories in 52 weeks, right?

Come on, come on. Cut me some slack!

I'll get it done. Hope you are too.

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