Tuesday, February 3, 2015


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Just Read: 100 YEARS OF SOLITUDE by Gabriel Garcia Marquez--Interesting book. Good writing. I think I enjoyed it. But it wasn't really my kind of book.

What I need to do better is submit.

As part of Write1Sub1 it's my goal to write one story and submit one story per month, every month, month after month, world without end.

The thing is, I've been a part of this online community of writers since 2012, and I've built up a lot of fiction in my "Completed Stories" folder. I manage to submit one story per month to any of a variety of magazines, but I tend to draw the stories for submission from my most recent three or four months' worth of new stories. Older than that I seem to forget about.

That's a lot of neglected fiction that still has a lot of potential.

So what I'm trying to focus on for these next few weeks is sorting through my folder and submitting stories I have essentially forgotten about for a while. The larger pool of fiction I have making the rounds, the better chance I have at getting a story published, and the more editors will start to recognize my name and associate it with a large base of stories.

Thank to Duotrope, the Twitter universe, and the word of so many writers at W1S1, I know of a lot of magazines. I'm setting a goal now to edit and shop out the stories from the past two years to those magazines until, hopefully, they find homes.

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