Sunday, May 5, 2013


Now Playing: THE BOMB DOT COM V2.0 by Sleeping With Sirens
Just Read: SNUFF by Chuck Palahnuik--Totally awesome in the way that all his stuff is. Whenever I read his work, I want to write like him.
Reading Now: EXODUS by Leon Uris

There are so many things to do besides write.

Right now I'm playing Hearts on my computer, listening to music, and I just put on gym clothes in preparation for a run, which I may or may not take depending on whether the creative juices get flowing here, or if I feel like I need another way to procrastinate.

I'm losing this Hearts game terribly, if you were wondering.

It's also a rainy Sunday, which doesn't bode well for productivity in the first place.

I've watched about an hour's worth of behind-the-scenes clips of Spartacus (one of my favorite shows of all time).

I've got this story idea in mind . . . .

Check this picture out. That's my wire bookcase, collapsed. Maybe I have too many books?

It took me too long to figure out how to upload that pic, so I went ahead and lost that game of Hearts.

Just got a can of cherry coke zero out of the fridge. I figured some caffeine could help.

Maybe I'm just sluggish from that gigantic Chipotle burrito I had for lunch. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Speaking of gigantic Chipotle burritos, I may have to run off here in a minute before finishing this blog post and procrastinate my writing in the bathroom. You're welcome.

Total word count today: 0. But, I have successfully reviewed the requirements for story submission to Allegory Magazine! Woohoo! Props to me!

(Bathroom break.)

. . .

Hoping to see Ironman 3 later tonight after making some chili.

Think I can fit in a nap later?


  1. Think you might need another run after that chili...

  2. Right you are, Milo m'boy. Right you are . . .