Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

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Just Read: FRAGILE THINGS by Neil Gaiman--A great collection of shorts from a great writer. Set my mind thinking. And it was a great boost for story ideas (see Short Story Challenge).
Reading Now: THE WISE MAN'S FEAR by Patrick Rothfuss

It's a beautiful day to live in Chapel Hill.

It's December first and sixty-four degrees and sunny outside. Tomorrow's high is 68, and it should reach into the 70s early next week.

I went for a jog this morning through woods, along trails, beside streams, wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. Fallen leaves crunched under my worn Brooks, and overhead the sky was a cloudless Carolina blue.

I think I might sit on my balcony and read with my feet propped up. This time of day, the sun shines down on it in just the right way to keep me warm without cooking me.

I might even take a nap there.

Can you tell this weather is delighting me? I live in such a great place! Good thing all Tar Heels carry a bit of Chapel Hill with them every where they go, for the rest of their lives, until they're Tar Heel dead.


  1. It's cold here in the UK and generally a bit gray. I'm not jealous at all...

  2. Hop the pond and come visit bro!