Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 11's Story Published!

From the Speakers: ANOTHER SONG ABOUT THE WEEKEND by A Day to Remember

My story from week 11 this year, "Over the Fence," found a home at Fear and Trembling back in March, and came out in print this past weekend. You can read it for free by clicking the title.

I'd love to know what you think of it. Leave me a comment, either here or over at the mag.

Some brief background on the story: if you've read my blog or know me, you know I love baseball and played it all through my childhood. My dad suggested I write more stories about baseball, and this was what manifested. Not sure it's what he had in mind, exactly, but hey, I appreciate his inspiration nonetheless.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Great story - it had me hooked from the start.

  2. I enjoyed it, Devin -- but with my only fictional baseball experience being Field of Dreams, I wasn't sure what to expect!

  3. Knowing nothing about baseball, your story made it very visual for me. Well done.

  4. Sorry to be so late on commenting, but congrats again on the story and thanks for allowing us at F&T to publish it. I just realized there are three comments that needed moderation at the story site which are now up for your encouragement! :)