Friday, December 23, 2011

Technology: Love it or Hate it

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My laptop crashed.

As I searched online for the title of a movie I couldn't think of (turned out to be Valhalla Rising . . . don't recommend it), up popped the infamous blue screen of death, of doom, and of destruction. "The System Has Halted," it informed me. Yes. I inferred that much. Thank you.

I'm borrowing a computer now to blog (thanks Mom . . . ) and to write. I don't really like this computer though. I say that hesitantly, because sometimes I get the impression that it can hear me when I insult it and it starts to work more slowly, like this afternoon when Pandora radio was skipping and I yelled at it across the room, and BOOM! Google Chrome is not responding.

Sometimes I hate technology. Absolutely hate it.

On the interesting (but not necessarily bright) side, I've written my past two stories by hand as a side effect. They've turned out to be good; I really like the places I've gone with them, as well as the pace and structure that's more natural to pencil. One's about a science fiction refugee, the other about a dying old lady with a less than welcome visitor to her hospital room. In an earlier post, I touched on how my style comes out differently when I write in pencil, and it's gotten my mind thinking along different pathways.

Who knows--maybe even the bluest screens of death could be blessings in disguise?

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