Friday, October 28, 2011

Music Time (pun?)

From the Speakers: HIGHER by Creed

Music is a helluva drug.

People claim they can't workout without their headphones on full volume. Angsty teens close their bedroom doors, turn up their speakers, and listen to singers who can relate to them. It keeps you awake and can put you into a pleasant sleep. It can touch you like a physical thing, make you cry, make you angry, make your hairs stand on end, make you get up and shout.

It can take you higher. Creed would know.

Even Dumbledore says music is "a magic beyond all we do," and I'm inclined to agree.

When I was just starting to write seriously, like as an every day thing, I played the same CD. It was a mixtape of Atreyu songs that began with "The Interlude," which sounds wrong but, as it turned out, was very right. Listening to that amazing track always set the mood, always brought me back to where I left off in the story. Music was, and still is, the catalyst to get my creative juices flowing.

That's why, every day on my blog, I share what's coming from my speakers. I honestly think that some of the stories I've written would be drastically different if a different song had been playing when I wrote them.

Music can make anything you have to focus on easier. Give it a try. Imagine if soldiers listened to music before battle, what they would be capable of.

There's a story there somewhere . . . .


  1. Excellent point! I've heard several writers say that they've put together playlists or "soundtracks" for their works in progress. Just today, I made a mongo playlist on Spotify of the Pixar soundtrack canon, because my NaNo project is so Pixarish. =)

    Good luck to ya - keep me posted!

  2. Nice! I find film scores are like Miracle-Gro for ideas, sometimes. I hope that playlist you made was long--it'll have to be to last through your NaNo project!